Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day

I figured I'd better get to writing about my Memorial Day weekend or it'd never be done. It honestly was the best weekend. Just what I needed after last week. The start of the weekend wasn't the greatest though. My number one rule at work is never be the last person to leave. Several times I've come close, but until Friday I'd never broken that rule. Then Friday came along and the month of June the OT department (all 2 of us) were in charge of setting up this loft that the kids play in. Every other Friday the other OT there doesn't work, so this Friday it was just me setting up the loft. Needless to say, I was there until well past everyone else. But I'll take having that as the worst part of the weekend.

Saturday morning I slept in until 8:30ish and hit up the grocery store which was surprisingly empty for a Saturday. Then I met up with Shana and we headed down to Huntington Beach via Cafe Rio to meet up with Heidi. We took our Rio and headed to the beach to enjoy a scrumptious lunch and catch up on everything aka boys. We finally got to meet Heidi's new man, Nate. Yes Heidi, I do approve. Best of all he liked Shana and I too (I mean who wouldn't). We hung out at the beach for 3.5 hours and then headed to Nate's house for pizza and the Laker's game. It was quite a relaxing and fun evening just chatting with friends and new friends.

Sunday I didn't even have choir before church so I had a nice long morning to myself. We had a really good lesson on prayer and promptings in Relief Society. Church was just what I needed that day. I caught up with some old friends and met some new people after church and then headed off to the airport to pick Emily up. We hung out at her house for a while just chatting, picked Nick up from the airport, and then chatted some more. It was just a chill night catching up with friends.

Monday morning Shana, Nick, Tony and I went and played a great game of tennis. It'd been about a month since I played, but it was a pretty good game. Tony and I won the first set and then Tony and Shana won the second set. Guess Tony was the key to winning. Somehow I didn't think to put sunscreen on before playing tennis, so my shoulders got roasted. After tennis we decided that it was lunch time and hit up the Rio again (yes I did just go on Saturday). But it served a purpose, because REI is right next to the Rio, and I had my 20% of coupon that had to be used by Monday. So while we waited for Allana to meet up with us Shana, Nick and I kicked it at REI and I came out with a tent (pictures to come, it takes 2 people to set up and I'm home alone right now). I'm excited to try out the Hobitat in 2 weeks when I go camping! After lunch it was time to hit up the beach. Nick and I parked a ways from the beach and he had 2 longboards in his car, so we longboarded to the beach. Or I should really say he longboarded to the beach while I attempted to. It's been a while since I've been on a longboard. He pretty much ended up pushing me along the beach. It was there I realized that my sunburn was bad because a perfect stranger commented on how bad it was as we rode by. We met up with other people from the ward who were already at the beach and had a most relaxing time. Then to top off the whole weekend I met up with Martha, Kaliska, Allana, McKenzie, and Annita for alternate FHE at BJs. Mmmmm more pizza and pazookies. It was then I realized that I'd eaten the Rio and pizza twice this weekend. I guess that's just part of making it great.

Thanks to all those who have served our country so that I could enjoy such a wonderful place to live (and a day off doesn't hurt either). What a blessing to live in America.

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