Thursday, June 24, 2010


My birthday this year turned into a 4-day celebration. I hadn't even really planned on doing anything, but it just kinda happened that way. Thursday at work my office brought in cake. One of my little kids made me the cutest birthday cake too.

Thursday night I went to dinner with a few people at El Cholo.

The girls decided that watching the end of the NBA finals was better than sitting at the table with the rest of us.

Maybe that's why I like those girls so much. If it'd been college basketball I would have been right there with them. Yes the Lakers did win for me.
Friday night we had a rockin' party at my house. It was fun to see lots of friends I hadn't seen in a while! Sadly I forgot to get my camera out, so there's no footage from that night. Thanks girls for all the jewelry I got for my birthday!
Saturday I went down to Orange County to hang out with my dad who was in town for my grandparents 60th anniversary. We hit up the sporting goods store and did some birthday shopping. I now have a backpacking stove and a lantern to add to my other camping equipment. Time for a camping trip. After that we went to dinner and just hung out for the rest of the night.
Sunday we all got together for Father's Day and June birthdays. I was the only June birthday that was there from the family. Laurel made me a beautiful cake and dinner was amazing as well.

Camping chairs were also added to my camping equipment too. It was great to see the family and have a good healthy dose of medicine, politics and religion, the Evans family staple topics of conversation.

After 4 days of celebration I guess it's time to embrace being 26.

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Andrea said...

26 is stinkin' old...I miss your face...when are you coming back to Provo? We're moving today, and will have a BIG house, so you should come visit cause you can have a whole floor to yourself! :)