Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 Garden

For Christmas my parents gave me some gardening bags that are supposed to be used on a deck or porch. Hopefully they will work better than the pots I've been using for the past few years because my gardens haven't been the biggest success story. Today I went out and bought some dirt to put into the gardening bags. It seems pretty weird to me that I have to go and buy dirt in order to plant a garden. But I guess that's the city life. I planted some cucumbers, peas, lettuce, broccoli and started some tomato and zucchini seeds. I also finally planted the Plumeria bush that my friend Shana brought back from Hawaii for me in October. For now at least the bags add some color to the porch. I have a few more bags to fill but underestimated how much dirt was actually required to fill them so have to get back to Anawalt to get more dirt.

Good luck 2012 garden!
I signed up for another Triathlon. So far I've convinced 3 other people to do it with me. Good thing Memorial Day is still a couple of months away. I've got a lot of training to do!

Deep Sea Fishing

A few months ago a bought a TravelZoo deal with a couple of friends for deep sea fishing. This past weekend we finally found a time when most of us could go. It was so much fun. There were 6 of us in our group and probably 50 other people on the boat fishing with us. We started bright and early from Newport Harbor so it made for an early morning. But it was a beautiful day and it was great just to spend the day outdoors. Sadly not many fish were actually in season right now but I ended up catching 12 perch. The limit was 10 so I only kept the biggest ones. I took the easy way out and let the guys on the boat gut and filet them. But I did take the bones out myself. The gulls and pelicans were following the boat in swarms while the fish were being gutted.
 It was pretty fun to watch them diving into the water for the fish scraps. After some advice from more advanced fishermen I cooked up some of the fish last night for dinner. It was pretty amazing. If all fish tasted that fresh I could eat it every day. Even my roommate who doesn't like fish said that it was good! Good thing there is more in the fridge for dinner tonight.