Thursday, May 27, 2010

My crafty side

A couple of months ago I had this idea to take all the scraps of yarn I had and my roommates had and crochet a patchwork quilt. I made lots of granny squares and then just pieced it all together and used whatever random yarn I had. Yesterday I finally finished the border around it. Yes I realize that it's not perfectly rectangle and beautiful, but it's a bunch of scraps that now look better than they did 3 months ago. I rather like the finished product.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

San Francisco

Back in January or February Heidi, Shana and I had a planning pow wow and made all these plans to take trips and do fun things before Heidi graduated and leaves or doesn't leave us. Last weekend was the last of the vacations that we planned. At Christmastime my uncle Glen who lives up in the Bay Area told me I should bring some friends and come up for a weekend. So we took him up on it.

Friday night we met up after work and flew up to Oakland. After a pretty quick flight (but long enough for the guy in front of us to eves drop on our conversations and answer the questions we were asking several times) and we got in about 8:30. Since we had already eaten dinner Glen took us to Fenton's Creamery and we got some amazing ice cream. I had a blueberry cheesecake ice cream that was fantastic. And the servings were HUGE. But don't worry I ate all of mine.

Saturday we took our time getting ready and headed out to San Fran about 10:00. As is typical for the three of us, we hadn't planned a thing we were going to do during our vacation. My feelings are as long as we have a place to stay and some way to get around, we're good. Glen was nice enough to let us use his truck to get to the BART station. We took BART in and got off around this great statue.

Then we walked from Pier 1 all the way to Pier 39 for some delicious clam chowder in sourdough bread bowls for lunch. (I must be related to my Dad, he remembers every vacation we take by the food we ate) We watched the sea lions for a little while and even saw a few fights.

After that we rented bikes and rode through San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge and into Sausalito. It's quite a hilly ride and it was super windy. There was one place where we had to turn straight into the wind while we were riding on the bridge and I literally stopped moving because the wind was blowing so strong.

But despite the wind, it was a beautiful day and we had a great ride. In Sausalito we checked out the one and only ice cream place there, along with everyone else in the town. We stumbled across this photo gallery that was just amazing. It was from a photographer named Rodney Lough who's work is absolutely beautiful. Check out the website for amazing pictures

The last ferry back to Pier 39 left at 6:00 and we weren't about to ride 8 miles back in the wind, so we jumped on the ferry. We were all so tired that it was great to sit down for a half an hour while we rode back over. After we returned our bikes it was time for more food. We rode the cable car to Chinatown and found the first restaurant with a menu in English and went in.

Dinner was good and we were just cold and tired. After dinner we headed back to the BART and made out way home. It was quite a fun day.

Sunday we hit up the singles ward for Sacrament meeting since Glen is in the high council over that ward. Then we had a great salmon dinner and headed off. We stopped by the Oakland Temple before heading to the airport because Heidi had never seen it. it was a beautiful day and a great way to end the vacation.

And here are just a few other action shots from the weekend:


It's been a year since I graduated from USC. And what a year it's been. I can't believe that it's been a year in some ways and in others it seems like forever ago I was taking tests and writing papers and wishing I could be done forever. I haven't reached the point that I'd want to go back to school right now, but it would be nice to be able to just skip work sometimes when I don't want to go. But when I look at my savings account going up and think of the fun things I've done since having a little more flexibility and income I can't complain too much. So here's to year one and may year two be even better!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May is My Month

After finally getting off work Friday at 6:30 after being there for 11 hours I was beat and just tired of life. Then on my way home my check engine light went on. Oh Red Velvet, why must you fail me again? I got home and just wanted to take a break from life for a while. Too bad you can't really do that. So instead I watched the Lakers and the Jazz win their respective games and fell asleep at 10:00. I think that was the best thing for me to do. Usually when I feel like life is not going well it's because I don't feel in control and I really do like to be in control. But after a great night's sleep I woke up this morning and realized it was May. While I was lying in my bed looking at the May calendar picture of Bora Bora I decided that May is my month. 2010 hasn't been my year so far, but May is going to be my month.
Already is has begun to work out. I decided to check my gas cap just on the off chance that it was loose and that was why the check engine light was on. Good news, it was. No more check engine light. Hurray for May!