Saturday, June 18, 2011

80s Awesomeness

Once upon a time 27 seemed old. I remember my first home teacher when I was in the singles ward at Oregon State was about to turn 27 and I thought he was ancient. Hopefully not everyone thinks that about me (particularly because most of the people reading this blog are older than 27).
For my birthday my lovely roommates Jessica and Ali decided that I needed to have a party. I was less than excited for my birthday but we decided that since I had come to possess two rather 80s looking jumpsuits it would be the perfect opportunity to have an 80s party. The girls decked the place out and then we went to work on making ourselves the epitome of 80s awesomeness. I guess you'll be the judges to whether that actually happened. Getting ready with the crimper, large can of hairspray, neon nail polish and bright pink lipstick was almost more fun than having the party. The neighbors maybe didn't appreciate the 80s music jammin' from our place last night but we sure did. It was pretty fun. Complete with furry slap bracelets, fingerless gloves, pixie sticks and pie. We almost never have birthday cake at my house and almost always have pie so the girls carried that tradition on for me.

So what does a can of hairspray, a crimper, 10 shots of pixie sticks, and all the neon we could find give you...

John is staying with the Grandparents in Orange County and even made it up for the party. It was great to see him too.