Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hello Hobitat

The end of May marked REI's annual sale. Since I am a member of REI I got a nice 20% of any regular priced item coupon. Oh the things I could buy there. After already buying a nice camping pad that was on sale so I couldn't use my coupon I decided I needed to make another trip and use that coupon. I guess the marketing gimmick works on me! I have been wanting to buy a tent for a while and Memorial Day between tennis and the beach I made a trip to REI with Shana and Nick. Thanks to their help I was able to find my newest camping purchase...the Hobitat. No I didn't just purchase it for the cool name. No it's not small like a hobbit house, it's actually quite large, 6'3" to be exact. Yes I am super excited about it. My nice 4 man tent is going on it's maiden voyage when I go camping in Malibu this weekend. But feeling like a small child who has just gotten a new pair of shoes and wants to wear them to bed at night, I couldn't wait until then to set it up. It took up basically my whole living room. Had there been slightly more room I would have probably slept in it that night. But since I didn't want to take up the entire room I decided to take it down. Friday night=first night in the Hobitat.

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