Thursday, April 29, 2010

Youth Conference

Yes I am a little old to be still going to Youth Conference. But I'm not still going, I'm going again. It has been weird to reach the age where I can be a leader for the youth. Sometimes I forget that I'm supposed to be an adult. This past weekend was our stake's Youth Conference. My roommate and one of my good friends are both in the stake Young Women's presidency so I got lucky enough to be invited to take place in Youth Conference this year. The theme was Be Strong and of a Good Courage.
After work on Friday I headed up to Camp Josepho with Emily and Nick to start our youth conference adventure. We met up with Martha, Jonathan, Jessica, Christy, Whitney, Wen-Chia and Shaun who were also youth group leaders. The kids started getting there and we all ate dinner together and came up with a group name. Wen-Chia and I were group leaders together and we had 10 kids (4 girls, 6 boys). I have to say that we had amazing kids. I never had any problem with my girls and they were just fun to be around and meshed well as a group. The kids came up with the name Neon Cheese for our group name because we technically were the gold group, but our wristbands were more of a neon yellow/green color.
After dinner we had a speaker, the illustrious Eric Smith, and then had a dance. I was full of energy for about the first half of the dance, and then the energy just died. I think all the group leaders felt about the same.

My girls were tired too by the end of the night so we all went to sleep pretty quickly. No one tried to sneak out of the cabin and everyone slept as well as we could in a cabin. Judging from other group leaders I had really great kids.
Saturday we had a great day of service projects and Youth Courage Olympics. We tied some quilts, made stress balls, and cards for kids in hospitals.

EZ showing her quilting skills

It was also Martha's birthday on Saturday so we celebrated with her.

After the service project it was time for the Youth Courage Olympics. We had a giant Twister game, capture the flag, balloon relay, and sponge relay. I had been talking up my group all day, especially to Whitney and Nick, so I'm glad we ended up pulling off a win. The sponge relay was the last event and it was Whitney and Nick's team versus my team and we pulled it off.

By the end of Saturday I was exhausted. Emily, Nick and I left early because we didn't have to stay for the testimony meeting. I came home and slept for 11 hours. I guess I really needed it. It was a great weekend though. It was nice just to get to know some of the youth in our stake.

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Chelsea said...

How fun! I do love the youth too! yep yep you shall see me more :D BE YE READY! jk ;) hope you are doing fabulous!