Thursday, April 1, 2010

Long Awaited Work Update

Ok so I promised a couple of weeks ago that I would update on the first week of work. Well I'm approaching the end of week four and that update has been long awaited (that is if anyone actually reads this). But due to the massive amount of work at work, I come home exhausted. Day one on the job I seriously wanted to never go back. I was completely overwhelmed because I was the only OT there, I have never worked in the school setting before and the OT office/gym was a disaster. I literally spent the first week organizing the department. I did not see any kids that first week. In hindsight this was a good way to ease me in because I got to know some of the kids from seeing them around the school and started to feel less freaked out by the whole experience. Plus now I everything that we have in the office. I'm still yet to really have good files on the kids because all the paperwork was strewn around the office in random boxes and files with no rhyme or reason. Hopefully my system of organization will do better than the previous one, if there was one.
Well week two came and I started seeing the little kiddos. For the most part I have just been seeing kids that are funded through the school district. I see them individually and in groups depending on the services they have been allotted. The individual sessions are usually pretty good. The group session tend to be a half an hour of me trying to corral 3-5 three-five year olds who do not want to/don't have the capacity to listen to my directions or complete some/any of the activities I have planned. By the end I feel exhausted and like I'm accomplishing nothing. Thankfully I usually only have 1-2 groups a day, except on Wednesday when I have 4. Wednesday tends to be a bad day. After seeing 8-15 little cherubs a day I then get to do what turns in to several hours of paperwork. Plus I get to do things like plan for the next day, try and learn about the kids I have, set up new goals for IEPs, and e-mail parents. I think I'm averaging 45-50 hours at work each week. No wonder when I get home I can't bring myself to try and learn more about the actual OT I'm supposed to be doing with them. I have all the good intentions of opening my books and learning, but it just doesn't happen. Maybe during Spring Break, oh wait I'm doing make-ups during the week of Spring Break.
I can't wait until after Spring Break when the other OT is starting and hopefully I'll have someone to ask questions to and someone who can take some of my kids! Hopefully she doesn't figure out that at least half the time I'm just making stuff up as I go!

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