Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Embrace the Unexpected

January has not been my favorite month. I hope it's not a precursor of what 2010 is going to bring for me. Sure the beginning of the month wasn't too bad. I was sick for a while, had to go to a work conference 2 weekends, but got a 3 day weekend. But this week has been downright bad. I found out my grandma had a stroke last weekend. Thankfully she's ok and recovering nicely. And to top it all off I got the wonderful notice at work that Friday is my last day. Due to the wonderful mismanagement of California's money the state funding that supplied most of our kids at work is drastically cutting back and my employer no longer has the money to pay me. I can't say I'm that surprised. I have never been incredibly busy since I started, but kept hoping that the numbers would pick up. On Friday when the director asked if I was free to meet with her and the lady from HR on Monday I tried not to think too much about it. My three month probationary period ended last week and I wanted to make myself believe that we were just doing our review at the end of that. But I think deep down I already knew what they were going to say. So I guess it was good that I had some sort of mental preparation for Monday. But it didn't make it that much easier. I managed to hold it together while I was in the meeting but then when I had to go back to my office and tell my co-workers, I kind of lost it. Now I can't remember the last time I cried in front of anyone. For some reason it's just not something I do. But the tears came whether I wanted them to or not. But I pulled myself together and got through the rest of the day. Today as I had to start telling my kids that it was my last week it really started to become real. I don't have a full caseload right now, but I'm sure gonna miss my kiddos. They are just so cute. But I'm sure that life will turn out for the best. It always does. I guess that's what makes life interesting. So if anyone knows of any occupational therapy jobs (pediatrics ideally, but I'll consider other things right now) I'd love to know about them. At times like these I'm thankful for the perspective I have and also for my laid back temperament that allows me to not freak out. For now I guess I'll just embrace the unexpected and run where ever it takes me.

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