Monday, January 18, 2010

Holiday Weekends

The best things about this three-day weekend:

~Pho with Martha, Emily and Nick on Friday night
~Beginning Ratatouille after dinner
~Tennis with Nick Friday night for 20 minutes because the lights turned off on us in the middle
~Tennis with Shana Saturday morning
~H1N1 flu shot (take that, immune system. I'm not getting sick with that.)
~Target with Allana and Martha where I bought some really cute new shoes
~Quaint little bakery on Westwood with Martha, Allana and Emily where I got a wonderful piece of cheesecake (the only thing it was missing was a graham cracker crust)
~Stake Conference Saturday night which I went to wearing Martha's clothes because I was too lazy to go the 8 blocks home and change into my own clothes. But I got to wear the new shoes!
~Watching the movie Leap Year with Shana, John, Dan, and Ruth-Ann (which is really quite slow and I would say is a rental, not a theater movie if you wanna see it) with only 10 other people in the theater. But we got in basically for free so it was worth it.
~Being so tired after the movie that Shana and I found everything hilarious and just laughed out loud in the street
~Stake Conference Sunday morning where we got to hear from the general authorities
~Hanging out with Jessica at home
~Talking with Mom (Dad hadn't made it home from church yet, so hard to catch on a Sunday now)
~Watching the Princess Bride at Martha, McKenzie and Allana's
~Playing Mario on the Wii with Martha, Nick, Emily and Brian
~Finishing Ratatouille
~Going running in the rain (yes I think I enjoy running more when it's raining, too bad it doesn't rain much in LA)
~Getting pizza with Allana (our government holiday tradition)
~Shopping (it wasn't quite as fun as it could have been because I was looking for something specific, which I didn't really find)

Wow that's quite a lot for one weekend. Maybe that's why it was so great.

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Allana said...

bring on the government holidays!