Friday, January 1, 2010

Danielle's Wedding

The second weekend in December I went up to Sacramento for my cousin Danielle's wedding. My parents came down from Oregon, Grandma came from Utah, and Glen came up from the Bay Area and we all stayed at Dean's house. It was quite a party. I flew in late Friday night after work and my flight was late so it really was pretty late. When I got to Dean's house they had a wonderful dinner of grilled portabello mushrooms for me. They were amazing. The actual day of the wedding was pretty cold and rainy. The power even went off at the temple right before the wedding. But everything worked out Danielle and Russell got married. It was great to be able to see all the family and be there for her wedding. They had a reception after the wedding which was fun times seeing the family and eating wonderful food. After the reception we hung out at Dean's house and did some Christmas shopping. Dad, Dean, Glen and I hit up the Jelly Belly store there and had lots of fun. They let us have unlimited samples! I would avoid ones such as dog food and skunk spray (yes these are real Jelly Belly flavors now) but I would recommend Dr. Pepper, blackberry, and pear. Fun times with the family. I see a pattern in family gatherings, there is never a lack of good food. Sunday before we headed home we went to hear Brett, Danielle's brother, give a talk in church before he headed off to the Missionary Training Center to serve a mission for our church in Argentina. I'm glad we got to see him before he left. It was nice just to get out of LA and have a fun weekend with family as well.

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