Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lobster Fest

Last Friday night was Lobster Fest down in San Pedro. I've lived here >3 years and never been to San Pedro but figured it was as good as any reason to go there. John and I had taken Shana and Steve to the airport right after work and hung out at Borders for a couple of hours before heading off to Lobster Fest. I must say that 2 hours in a bookstore flew by. I found so many books that I need to read.
We met up with a bunch of friends at Lobster Fest around 8:00 and since we were all famished we went straight to the lobster dinners. I'd never had lobster before and the fact that they just gave you a plate with a whole lobster on it didn't really phase me. We got them cut open and then the feasting began. The lobster was really good.

The remnants of my lobster dinner

After enjoying our taste of lobster, there really isn't that much meat on a lobster, we walked around and checked out the scenery. It was really a lot like a small fair with food stands, carnival games/rides, plus some live music. Martha had head this band on the radio and we went over to check them out. It was pretty good. Can't remember the name of the band now, but the music was fine.
After checking things out a couple of people decided they wanted to go on the twisty carnival ride (a recipe for puke if you ask me). The rest of us just hung out by the ride watching them with disgust as our stomachs threatened to turn just from watching them. But they had music on and we had our own little dance party there in the middle of the rides, so it was all worth it.
After deciding we'd had enough of Lobster Fest, since there really wasn't that much there, we headed off to Marie Calendars which turned into IHOP which turned into Denny's for second dinner. Or dessert if you're like me. Fabulous night full of friends, food and fun.

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