Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Exercise or the lack thereof

Shana and I made a goal at the beginning of the year to play tennis every week. Well that didn't really work out for several reasons. But this Monday she and I were supposed to play after FHE. It has been extra warm here lately and summer evenings seem to be finally here. The downside of this is that all the tennis courts were full when we got there. 9:00 on a Monday night and they were all full. It's a first for us. So we made a rather rash decision to go running. It's been months to years since either of us have seriously gone running, so I'm not sure where this idea came from. But we decided to run to our friend's house which was a little over a mile away with the thought that they could take us back to our car when we got there (we're not that into running). So we ran there and rang the one answered. Rang again, still no answer. Good thing Shana had brought her phone, for this very reason. We called them and they were grabbing some food at a place about a mile away. So we told them to wait there and we'd be right over. So a mile later after many positive affirmations we arrived at the restaurant looking rather hot and sweaty. Somehow our short mile run turned into 2.4 miles. But I'm proud of us because I honestly didn't think I could run that far. I guess our aspirations of doing a mini-triathlon aren't totally out of the question.
Tuesday morning I woke up feeling pretty good. Somehow I forgot that the second day after is always worse. So when I got home Heather convinced me to do P90X with her. We had planned on starting together but I used the excuse of going out of town to not start when she did. Cardio P90X at 4:00 in the afternoon on a hot day is not a good mix. We were both ridiculously hot by the end. But it was a strange satisfaction that we made it through. Now if I can only keep up the motivation to go on to day 2.
Today when I woke up I wasn't feeling quite so good. My muscles were yelling about the torture they had been put through the past couple of days. But I'm determined to torture them yet again today as we have football practice. I haven't quite decided if I'll run to practice yet though or do P90X when Heather gets home???

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Chelsea said...

haha congrats! you can do it!The rewards are all worth the pain... strangely :p