Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stress and the rest

The past 10 days have been stressful yet fun somehow. The looking for a job side of things has been the stressful side, go figure. I had an interview at a pediatric clinic a couple of weeks ago and I liked it there. Then Monday I had an interview at a hospital downtown. Both interviews went well. Monday after my interview at the hospital the pediatric clinic called and offered me a job, but told me they wanted me to make a decision quickly and let them know by Wednesday. Well the hospital called Wednesday morning and told me they were interested, but didn't have the offer details yet because they had to go through all the proper authorities and all that stuff. So I called the pediatric place back and left a message asking if I could let them know Thursday because I thought I'd have my info from the hospital by then. Well Thursday rolls around the hospital still doesn't have the details of the offer to me. So I call the peds place again and leave another message that I want to talk to them about the job. Thursday afternoon they call back and schedule a time for me to talk with the director on Friday morning. All during this time I had really been trying to figure out which job I wanted more and which would be the best for me. By Friday when I talked to the director at the pediatric place I told her I was interested in the job. Turns out there was a little snafu there and the other OT they were going to hire decided not to take the job because of personal reasons and now I would be left without a mentor if they hired me. So they're trying to get another experienced OT so we could work together. Meanwhile the hospital calls back and gives me the details of the offer and now I have the weekend to mull things over. Basically I'm still stuck in limbo because I'm waiting for the pediatric clinic to interview someone on Tuesday and then let me know what their status is before I commit to either job. By Friday afternoon I was exhausted. Just too much to deal with in one week. All I could do was laugh and chalk it up to experience.

But on a more exciting side, I have managed to have some fun these past 10 days too. Thank goodness, I needed something to balance out the craziness of job searching. Thursday night there was a 25-35 bonfire in Newport Beach that some of us decided to check out. We figured it would be good to get out and just meet some new people. Reality was that we basically talk to ourselves and that the most fun part of the evening was when the GPS told us to "Get on the ferry" in it's wonderful British accent. That 5 minute ferry ride over to Balboa Island was the best part of the night! Friday night was the Glendale 7th Chinese New Year Dance. I went with low expectations following the bonfire and was pleasantly surprised that I had a great time.

Shana and I at the Glendale Dance

I even ran into my cousin Romney there. It was the first time I had seen him since he got home from his mission. Saturday was a gorgeous day and I played tennis and just had a great time. Then I hurried back up to Glendale to see Kiss Me Kate because one of my friends was in it. The play was good and Cynthia did a good job. But it was a little too long and there were way too many men in tights. Monday I got to hang out with Karen, Christy and Whitney and plan for Karen's birthday party. Tuesday Karen, Christy, Caitlin and I went and saw Valentine's Day. It actually wasn't too bad. I mean you don't go in expecting a great movie, but it was pretty good. Wednesday was the wonderful opening of Cafe Rio (see previous post). I couldn't have had a better night than the one I had hanging out with the girls and laughing until I thought I'd be sick (probably due to the consumption of entire pork burrito). Thursday night was temple night and then I caught up on some family history with the family history group from the ward. Friday night was Karen's birthday party.

Karen and I at her birthday party

It was complete with little cupcakes that had Karen's smiling face on them. Can't get much better than that. Saturday was Nick's surprise birthday party. I got to be the keeper of all the decorations last week so Nick wouldn't see them around his house. So we got him out of the house and then Emily, Martha and I got to work decorating the place and setting up all the goodies.

Even Michael Jackson couldn't stay away from this party.

Emily making a triple batch of rice krispy treats. Can't even have too many of those.

Martha texting people about the party.

I just love surprises. It was really fun to watch Nick come in and be surprised by everyone there. Good times.

Nick being surprised!

Quite possibly my favorite party favor "30 sucks"

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