Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The search continues...

It's the beginning of week 3 without a job. I think a two week break from work was long enough. Sadly I haven't found a job that works for me yet. So week 3 will continue to be time off. But I have managed to accomplish quite a few things will having this free time. I finished my crocheted sampler quilt (well I haven't decided if I'm going to put a border on it or not, so I guess it's not quite done). I am almost finished with a 700 page book that I read for fun. I've dabbled in the likes of being an auto mechanic (checking up on my radiator and coolant), a plumber (trying to figure out why my shower won't drain), an accountant (finishing my taxes) and a beach bum. Yes it was 80 degrees on President's Day in LA. So we celebrated our freedom by going to the beach. I love three day weekends, particularly because other people have days off and I can hang out with them instead of just me. Sadly, my camera has been in my car for the past few weeks and I have no pictures of all these wonderful events. I also tried my hand at being domestic and made some really cute heart-shaped peppermint patties for our big Valentines bash that our ward put on at our house. It was quite a soiree. I probably ate an entire pound of sugar considering all the goodies that were at our house. But the company was good as well. I also branched out and tried sushi again (the first time I tried it I wasn't a fan). But Nick and Emily convinced me to try it again with them and I actually liked most of it. I would eat it again. I also decided that I was going to play tennis at least once a week this year and so far I'm 7/7. I love it! I'm hoping to borrow a friend's guitar so I can brush up on my VERY rusty guitar skills while I have free time. And hopefully in the midst of all this I will actually find a job. Despite what it sounds like, I actually do spend time looking for jobs as well. I've had 4 interviews and have another one set up for Monday. Hopefully I'll have good job news soon! But until then funemployment continues.

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