Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fall Football

One of my favorite things about Fall is football. I was sad this year that since I'm no longer a student I don't have a student pass to USC football. But thanks to TV I have been able to keep up with lots of football. Not like USC was amazing this year or anything, but it was still fun to watch (most of the time). Heidi and I decided that we had to go to at least one game. Too bad we decided to go to the Stanford game. What a homecoming. We should have known from last year's Stanford game experience (see post from last year) that it was going to be an adventure. Since neither of us go to institute there anymore we couldn't park at the Institute building and since that's where we always parked we didn't know what a crazy thing it is to find parking within 20 blocks of USC on game day. We must have driven around for 45 minutes looking for some place to park. All the USC lots were full and they told us just to find street parking. We drove by this parking lot and were appaled that people paid $80 for parking.

Seriously, my tickets were half that. So we ended up driving to this neighborhood about 6 blocks away from the stadium and seeing a teenager on the street waving a flag for parking. Yep we ended up parking in someone's back yard. We were just praying that the car would still be there when we got back. Then we headed off to the game. It was a terrible game :( USC proceeded to lose miserably to Stanford. So we did get to a game, but it didn't have the greatest turn-out. At about 5 minutes left of the game when the 4th turnover happened we gave up (and I'm usually the one that sticks it out to the end). Thankfully our car was still there when we got back. And we actually had quite a good conversation with the people who's house we parked at. They were such a cute family. It almost made it worth it to pay them to park in their backyard.

Earlier in the Fall Heidi, Shana and I decided to drive down to San Diego for the BYU vs. SDSU game. We made a day of it and picked Heidi up in Orange County and drove down to San Diego. Traffic wasn't horrible so we got there in plenty of time. But when we got to the stadium they couldn't find our tickets at the ticket office. After going back and forth several times from the SDSU and BYU ticket people we finally figured out that they spelled Heidi's last name wrong and that's why we couldn't find them. Either that or we got Miss Maylor's tickets, whoever she is. It was a great game. We didn't really know where our seats were so we just decided to sit down on the second row right by the end zone because there was plenty of room. Besides the anoying SDSU fans right behind us, it was great. The most exciting part was right before half-time when BYU scored right next to our seats. Too bad we were in line for food and were watching it on the TV pointing to our seats and wishing we were sitting there. But after the game we got to high-five all the players as they came around and even made it into the Deseret News!
I'm kind of in the middle right above Heidi (the blonde girl that looks like she's touching the guy's helmet in the middle). Pretty cool. When we got in the car we decided it would be cool to blast the radio really loud and play our favorite Backstreet Boys songs as we were waiting to get out of the parking lot. Judging from the looks we got people liked it. Either that or the kids were too young to even know who the Backstreet Boys were. I mean, kids starting college now were born in the 90's. Can't believe that. Heidi was true to herself on the way home. Pumped with excitement after the game, she was ready to have fun. But not 5 minutes later we looked in the backseat and there was asleep. Gotta love her!

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