Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sad Excuse for a Garden

So at the beginning of the summer I wrote about how Shana and I had this wonderful idea to get plants and put them in pots and pretend that we had a garden in LA. Well this idea has not blossomed into the vegetables we were hoping for. Over a month later the plants still look remarkably similar with only a few inches to show for all the hard work. Ok so maybe I forgot to water them a few times. Oops. But this weekend I decided that I would show pity on my plants and give them a nice good watering and see if that would help to increase their vitality. So the plants took a fieldtrip to the bathtub. After letting them soak for several hours I think they were more moist, but I have yet to see wonderful results from my work. We shall see how it goes. The green pepper plant does have a pepper on it (but the plant came with a pepper on it) and the pepper is turning red but not growing. I guess my mom's green thumb didn't fully pass on to me. But some day I'm going to get this garden thing right. It may have to wait until it can actually be in the ground though.

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