Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Heidi's Birthday

For Heidi's birthday a group of us went to C&O Trattoria for a feast of wonderful Italian food. It was a bit of a disaster trying to get a head count and making sure that the reservation was for the right number of people. People bailed at the last minute and we were frantically calling people so that the food didn't go to waste and so the rest of us didn't have to pay for the food that went to waste. (Turns out we brought home all the "wasted" food which fed us for a week). But it was a fun filled night with great food and an Italian atmosphere. We ate outside which was wonderful. The weather was great and it was actually hot there with the heat lamps turned on. We very discretely turned some of them off so we wouldn't roast to death. The food started out with wonderful garlic bread balls filled with olive oil and garlic to my hearts content. I could have just eaten those all night. But the rest of the food was just as good. One of my favorite moments was when they started playing music on the overhead speaker and passed out lyrics so that we could all sing along. Great times. Another dinner time favorite was when Karen asked the waiter if any real Italian's worked there, like people who were born in Italy. Our waiter told us he didn't think so and then one of the other waiters came over and proceeded to put us in our place because he was a real Italian even if he wasn't born in Italy. But my absolute favorite moment was when we got the check and Heidi's check said she paid $6.04 with a tip of $53.96. That's my girl, the big spender.
Darby and Jonathan replaying Lady and the Tramp for our entertainment.

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