Monday, July 21, 2008

Cinema's Dark Night

This weekend was the annual LA 1st/SM 3 film festival. This year's theme was based on a Batman theme and turned out quite well if I must say so myself. I had the privilege of helping with some of the decorations which was quite a lot of fun. Wednesday night Heather called me sounding quite distraught and looking for people to help make 150 feet of cityscape. So I walked on over to Michelle's house where they were working on a massive roll of cityscape. So for several hours Michelle, Heather, Alpha, Ryan, Curtis, Ben and I worked on the wonderful cityscape that was seen through out the building on Saturday night.

A very dark picture of the cityscape masterpiece.

Then Friday night I went to the church and helped put up the cityscape. This is a much more involved job than I thought it would be considering that it had three layers. But we triumphed after many hours of toiling and the cityscape looked great. By midnight on Friday night it was about the only thing that was up, but it looked really good.
Posing by the beloved cityscape

Shana and I entering on the red carpet

Saturday came and we got all dressed up and headed off to the film festival. I am slightly disappointed in our ward because no one from it contributed any films. But as I didn't either I guess I can't be too harsh. Maybe I should start on one now and it may be ready for the next year. Shana got to be in a string trio that sounded amazing as we entered the building on the red carpet.

Shana is in the middle (I know it's a little dark)

Then there were waiters and mingling for a few minutes before the movies started. I was impressed by many of the movies. I must say that two of my favorites were a silent movie about Mr. Smith selling his soul to the devil which was really well done and another one about Danger Dancer which had great choreography and transitions. All in all it was a very creative night. And to top it all off we had such stars as Batman, Riddler, the Joker, and other characters from Batman to join us.

Shana and I with the Riddler

Shana and I with the Joker
And we even got a picture with Batman himself and his motorcycle

I even had fun getting all dressed up. And those of you really knowing me know that doesn't happen all that often (the dressing up or having fun with it). But it was great to see everyone all dressed up and having fun. So good job to all those that participated. It was definitely a Dark Night to remember.

Shana, Greg and I

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Melissa said...

What you wore heels? For a whole night?? Wow, you really must have had fun! You look absolutely beautiful.