Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How long to build a habit?

When I got laid off I decided that it would be the perfect time to re-start for the umpteenth time the habit of being more physically active. Somehow I always value sleep more than exercising in the morning. But being without a schedule for a month, I was actually pretty good at exercising 4-5 times a week. I think I actually slept better and just felt better because of it. Plus it gave me something to do every morning and kind of put me on a schedule. I'm trying to get myself to at least tolerate running and do some strength training and work on my flexibility as well.

But this week will be the test of my habit (is a month actually long enough to form a habit?). I already did away with the notion that I would wake up early enough to work out before going to work. I know myself way too well to even think that would work. But I get off work about 4:00 and then have lots of daylight left so my goal is to work out after work. Monday I got home from work about 4:25 and was just so excited to be done with the day that I couldn't wait to get out there and run. I walked a few blocks to warm up and then started running. I made it to the church (a mere .75 miles) when my shins were cramping unbearably. It wasn't shin splints, I'm very familiar with those, but just cramping. So I tried to walk it off and run again and after running about a block more just decided that I'd better walk home. I came home defeated.

After some good stretching and sitting on my couch doing nothing it was off to FHE where we played indoor soccer. I didn't really know what to expect with this because you never know with a church activity. But it was really fun and a workout. The first three goals we played linked up with one other person just to get everyone warmed up. Then it was an hour and a half of intense soccer playing. It made me really miss soccer and realize once again that I'd much rather get my exercise by participating in a sport than by going to the gym. It's just so much more fun. We played about 6 on 6 in the gym and I happened to be the token girl on my team for most of the game. Ruth-Ann (my church athletics buddy) and another girl were the female representatives on the other team. Soccer was just what I needed after a long day at work (more on the new job at the end of the week). I was completely exhausted by 9:30 and my legs were starting to cramp again (but I ignored them this time).

After such a successful Monday I woke up on Tuesday and thought my legs were never going to forgive me. My shins are a lovely shade of black and blue with a tinge of purple here and there. Note to self: wear shin guards next time you play soccer. Shana and I were supposed to play tennis Tuesday night, but she had something come up and in all honesty my legs were screaming at me so much that it probably was a good idea to give them a day off.

Wednesday...couldn't bring my legs to doing anything today. More will power for Thursday.

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