Wednesday, March 3, 2010


After a long month of resumes, interviews, phone calls, waiting, etc. I would like to finish my employment story. I think my last post I wrote I was in the waiting stage of things. Monday came and went and I had to call the hospital to ask them if I could have another day to think about things since the pediatric clinic was supposed to call on Tuesday. Tuesday morning comes and the clinic called and said that the person they were interviewing was sick and couldn't come in that day. So they rescheduled for Wednesday. I had to call the hospital again asking for another day. No one answered, so I just left a message letting them know I'd get back to them on Wednesday. The stress of job searching must have caught up with me because Tuesday afternoon I got that terrible aura that is the precursor for a migraine. The rest of the day was toast. I think I spent 100% of Tuesday afternoon/evening on the couch. But thankfully it wasn't a terrible one and I was able to sleep Tuesday night. Wednesday morning came and I got a phone call from the pediatric clinic in the morning saying that the person they were going to interview was sick still so they were just going to offer me the job still and hope that everything would work out so they could get someone else in there too to mentor me and just be an experienced OT. So I finally was able to figure things out and I start there on Monday. It's been a roller coaster of a month, but it looks like things are going up. Look for more updates once I start working!

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