Saturday, June 27, 2009

Making Puppets

This week one of my friends called me and said she needed some help with a project for the young single adult conference. She had been asked to make some sock puppets for a video they are making about the conference. She didn't wasn't able to make the puppets they needed before she headed off to Hawaii for a couple of weeks and so needed someone to finish them. So of course I said yes, because let's face it when do I ever say no to things, and started brain storming for the puppets.

So a little background on the conference is probably needed to make this all make sense. This summer all the young single adults in the state of California are participating in a statewide YSA Conference with a theme surrounding the temple. As part of this conference we have been asked to make videos and other things to promote and document what's going on as we lead up to the conference this summer. So a couple of people in the Santa Monica ward got together to make a movie and needed puppets representing people from each of the temple districts in the state. There are 7 temples: Sacramento, Fresno, Oakland, Los Angeles, Redlands, Newport Beach, and San Diego. So I made puppets for each one and then an announcer puppet for the movie they are doing. Acknowledgment needs to go to Jessica as well because she helped design/decorate the puppets as well. They're filming today so I'm not sure what it's gonna be like, but we'll see what happens. Here are some pictures of the puppets.

The announcer (Chet) with his microphone and slicked back hair

San Diego: sunburned surfer dude

Sacramento: Arnold style with muscles you may or may not be able to see in this picture

Redlands: The Inland Emperor

Oakland: Hippie recycle girl (yes the very shiny pendant is a recycling sign)

Newport Beach: Matching bag, sunglasses, and eye shadow

Los Angeles: Film maker (wish you could see the beret better but it's hiding in the dark background)

Fresno: Not sure what to call her, but she'll be excited to come too

I'm sure they'll put the video up on a website somewhere so when I get the link for that I'll post it so you can check out how it all came together. I must admit it was rather fun to take my creative side out for a little while. That side gets neglected I'm afraid. So even though it was a daunting task at first I had a great time making these.

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