Saturday, June 20, 2009

25th Birthday

This week marked the 2 year mark in Los Angeles and the 25 year mark on earth. So in order to fully celebrate we kind of made a three day celebration of it. Wednesday was my actual birthday and ironically the longest day I've spent at work this summer. But when I got home there was a small group that took me out to dinner at this Pan Asian place called Rock Sugar. The food was good, the restaurant it's self was really cute. And to top it all off we got put in the special dining area with it's own balcony off it and everything because they didn't have room for us anywhere else. I had the most wonderful banana cake with a custard topping. I think I need to figure out how to add the custard topping to my banana cake in the future. When we got out of dinner I had a message on my phone from my family who had sung happy birthday to me. It was so cute.

Thursday night I came home from the temple and was looking for a snack when Jessica said "There's something in my fridge you should eat." She had bought pies for us to eat since we were talking about pie at dinner on Wednesday. Cherry pie and Lemon Cream Cheese were both hits. Day two of birthday celebration was a success.

Final day of birthday celebration happened on Friday. Sara spent the afternoon making not one, but three delectible chocolate cakes. The cake was amazing and the decoration was beautiful too. I came home from work and the house was all cleaned up and balloons were up. Sara, Jessica and Amanda had decorated for the birthday party portion of the celebration. At one point during the night Jessica counted and there were over 50 people here so I guess it was a success. I had fun talking with people and am even glad that Sara made me go and take pictures with a bunch of people through out the night. I'll only put some of the better ones on here as to not bore you to death. Thanks to all who made my birthday week a great week.

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deanna said...

party feast! I love birthdays! Happy happy