Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You know you go to school in the ghetto when...

Wednesdays are my super long days at school already. I start class at 9:00am and don't get done until 10:00pm. I still can't really figure out why I did that to myself. Today was especially hard because I feel like I'm getting a cold and it took all I had to just get up and go to school today. As I was just about to finish my ergonomics class today my classmate leaned over to me and asked me if I got a text from the Trojan alert system. I hadn't checked my phone in a while so I looked at what hers said

Trojans Alert: Shots fired @ Budlong & Adams. 1 suspect & weapon in custody. 3 suspects @ large. LAPD perimeter north of UPC. Stay inside until further notice.

Well I had just finished a 13 hour day and there was no way I was going to stay at school any longer. I didn't mention that where the shots were fired was a couple of blocks away from my building. So we all decided that we would just walk in groups and brave it through the night. I walked with my friend to her car and then she dropped me off at my car which was only about a half a block away. I hate that I have to get a ride to my car half a block away. As I drove to the freeway the cops had Adams blocked off and there were helicopters circling, trying to catch the suspects still at large. As I got in my car I turned on the radio and what did I hear, no nothing about the shooting by USC, but another high speed chase on the freeway that ended just after I got in the car.

Somehow I made it home without any other criminal activity. Sometimes I really wonder why I ended up here. Thank goodness for spring break!

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