Friday, March 6, 2009

Unwelcomed guest

Always looking much younger than my age may soon be ending. Today as I was straightening my hair (yes it was a weekend, about the only time I actually do my hair) I was trying to look at the back to make sure it was sufficiently straight and I saw a hair that did not match the others. After further inspection I discovered that this hair was much lighter, much whiter than the rest of my hair. So I did what all girls do when they find a silver hair, pull it out. Let that be a lesson to others who want to take up residence on my head. They will be plucked out. Sadly this hair didn't know what it was getting its self into. When I pulled it out one end (the older end) was a lovely reddish, brownish color (I'm never quite sure what color to call my hair), but the other was a not so lovely shade of silver/white. I guess 25 is just going to be too old for my hair.

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amykaniggit said...

I think subconsiously that's why I took up dying my hair early...when my hair gets gray and I'm still dying it, it won't look too suspicious. Until I ge to the time when really it should be white. Then I'll get looks.