Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year

The first couple of weeks of 2011 have not been wonderful to say the least.
-Other OT quit so double my workload
-Terrible neck pain for 5 days
-Foot pain for a week and counting
But luckily I've been able to manage. I'm trying to be positive about work and changing my mindset about things. It's helped a lot. I did get a great holiday weekend in San Diego and Orange County with my parents and Laura. It was wonderful to just sit by the pool and soak up the sun. 70s and 80s in January is why it would be hard to leave LA. A day off of work and plenty of sunshine will make any week better. While my triathlon training is going to be postponed due to injury I'm going to make it to one this year. A couple of new therapists have been interviewed so hopefully work will slow down soon. And with any luck my flu shot will actually keep me from getting sick again. Bring it on 2011, it's gotta get better from here.

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