Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thoughts that fail to fit anywhere else

Other newsworthy topics:

1. I started to garden again. My balcony garden didn't turn out so well last year. In fact everything died. I got one red pepper and one very bitter, disgusting strawberry last year. But things are looking up as all of my plants are still alive one week after planting. The flowers are even starting to sprout. This year's try includes: tomatoes, lemon cucumber, zucchini, green pepper, oregano, and basil, plus flowers.

2. I have the best fieldwork ever. I have to do 12 more weeks of a clinical rotation to be able to sit for my boards. I'm at the best little pediatric clinic in Santa Monica. The therapists are amazing and wonderful people to work with. The kids are just adorable. It's so low-key and fun. I'm really loving it.

3. I have discovered the gem of public transportation. Previous to this I only took the bus between the USC main campus and the health science campus. That wasn't real public transportation since it was a USC bus that took us back the forth. But I decided since my clinic is just a few miles away and parking is terrible/really expensive around there that I was going to try out the bus. It's been surprisingly wonderful. I love not having to manuver through traffic. I can just sit on the bus and let someone else do it. It comes about ever 10 minutes which is also great. Yeah there are some sketchy people on there, but it's kinda fun to people watch.

4. I have a new goal of cooking a new recipe once a week. We'll see how it goes. I love cooking, but just don't take the time to do it. Maybe if I cook something fun I will make myself take the time.

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deanna said...

I've eaten SO many good foods here in Czech that I have promised myself to make in America the best I can with slight ingredient differences.
We can get together and cook!