Saturday, April 18, 2009

Occupational Imbalance

At school a couple of weeks ago we were filling out this balance wheel where we colored in how much of the time we spent in productive activities, sleep, self-care and play. I realized how unbalanced my life had become when there was almost no self-care or play involved in my daily activities.
But this imbalance only has to last for 2 more weeks. At 4:00 on Friday May 1st I will be finished with graduate school. (I'm counting on passing my comprehensive exam that's at 1:00 that day) But for the next 2 weeks I will continue to make the kitchen table my home because I've given up on my comfortable pod, the red couch. It's just too comfortable to be productive. And my desk is too buried under books and papers to even think about studying there. So the table it will be. If I suddenly go missing please come look for me under the mountains of books that surround me.

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