Thursday, February 19, 2009

Exploring Los Angeles

Late in 2008 Kristen, Bethany and I decided after going to the Griffith Observatory that we needed to explore our home town a little bit more. There are so many places that we've never been to so our group New Years resolution was to explore LA once a month together.

So for January we happened to find out way to the Fair Oaks Pharmacy. Sara, Danielle and I had pretty much just eaten an entire batch of chocolate chip cookies on this particular Saturday. We had made plans to attend a Glendale singles ward activity along with Kristen and were just about to leave when Josh and Jeff showed up at our house. We managed to convince them that they should come with us. As we made our way out the door Jeff somehow came up with the idea of going to the Fair Oaks Pharmacy for milkshakes before going to the activity. I had the black cherry milkshake and it was wonderful. Adding more sugar to the already sugar filled girls was just what was needed for the best night ever.

By the time we made it out of the pharmacy it was time for the singles ward activity to be over. We showed up right after the closing prayer and took our time mingling before deciding we'd had enough of meeting new people (even the Harry Potter look-alike couldn't keep our attention). We had two cars which both managed to get lost before we made it back to Josh and Jeff's house for movie watching. The combination of sugar, not enough other food, and getting lost produced gales of laughter from all the girls, especially Sara, Kristen and I. I must have burned off all the calories I ate that day just from laughter. What a wonderful way to work out.

So for a good time and lots of laughs I would recommend the Fair Oaks Pharmacy. Stay tuned for Februarys version of exploring LA...

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