Thursday, December 25, 2008

Greenfield Christmas Party

We the girls of Greenfield decided to stick to tradition and host a big sha-bang of a Christmas party again this year. We decided that rather than try and compete with the gingerbread houses of last year that we would try something new. Jessica has this book called Hello Cupcake and we got our inspiration from that. So we decided to host a cupcake decorating Christmas party.

We all put in some time making many of the hundreds of cupcakes we had that night. We made over 200 regular sized cupcakes and over 250 mini cupcakes. Talk about a lot of cake mixes. Our house was filled with cupcakes before the party even started. Then we broke out all the frosting, candy and other decorating supplies that we had bought and almost didn't have room on the table for everything else other people brought. But we were prepared for quite a party.

Jessica so kindly bought some decorations so our little apartment could have some Christmas spirit to it. We had a nice little Christmas "tree" and a garland for the mantle. And of course it wouldn't be Christmas without a fire in the fireplace.

Then the decorating began, even before the people began to come! We got a head start on our cupcakes before other people came and good thing because the table space was soon taken up. I would say the party was a success. Here are examples of the cupcake expertise we stumbled upon.

Someone left their phone there and we've yet to figure out who's it is. So if you are missing a phone maybe it's at my house.

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