Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tujunga Narrows

Ok so a few weeks ago we went on this hike in the Angeles National Forest. And because I have just experienced my two week summer I somehow took time off from blogging about it. But here are a bunch of pictures from our adventures.

Heidi and Shana found a car that had gone off the rather steep hill we were descending.

We used ropes to go down the hill and also to come back up in the end.
Everyone taking turns coming down a slipper rock.
(I think my favorite part about this picture of Jacob's face.)

Shana going down the side of the mountain.

The whole group at the bottom of the mountain just before we were to start "hiking" through the stream that would take us to our water slide destination.

The water wasn't really cold I was just making a funny face that ended up getting caught on camera.Shana and I decided to warm up before our major cliff jumping. The following pictures show our synchronized cliff diving experience.

A sample of the lovely river that we hiked around and swam through.

Dane, ever the show-off, doing a back flip into the river.

Our destination--the water slide. The scary part was that it looks like you are going to hit the rock on the other side when you are looking at it from the top. But it was a blast. It might have taken me a minute to get up the courage to go down, but it was worth it. It would have been better without the water up my nose, but I can't have a perfect first run I guess.
Heidi going down the slide.

Heather going down.

Eddie going down.

Lilia going down.

Me going down.Everyone after they had gone down the slide. We were all waiting on the other side of the water hole for everyone else to go down.

The scariest part of the trip by far was this ladder. I'm no fan of heights but man this was something else. The rungs on the ladder were too far apart for someone with a short stature like me and then someone started climbing up at the bottom while I was still in the middle. The result was scared Julia standing on a ladder with it shaking and me shaking but somehow making it to the top. Needless to say, I did not go down the slide again because I did not want to face the terror of the ladder again.

Shana, being the crazy person she is, decided that jumping off the 53 foot cliff into the water would be a good idea. So she jumped and as you can see she is in a rather tucked position. This was not the position of choice to enter the water in and she got a bruise about the size of the back of her thigh on one side and another bruise on the other leg. It was not a pretty sight. She was literally in shock after the experience.

We did not end up taking the long way home through the fire road since Shana wasn't doing too well and I had a wedding to catch later that night. We went back the way we came and waded through the nice river all over again. The climb back up the hill was not too bad, but was definitely a climb. Thankfully someone had put ropes up so that we could climb back up the side of the mountain.

When we got to the top we jumped into our cars and headed out. Shana was pretty much out of gas and we were in neutral all the way down the mountain. But we made it to the gas station and then home. It was an exhausting adventure but one that I would be all for doing again.

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